Porcelain Paving Installation Process

There are numerous reasons to choose porcelain over alternatives. Porcelain tiles have an abundance of benefits that will make your investment last for many years to come. Here are some of the most common benefits.


The granularity of the surface of our tiles means that it is perfect for any external space that is exposed to water


Porcelain is extremely durable and is far less likely to scratch when moving heavy furniture, for example


Relax knowing that your beautiful tile design will never fade in sunlight or degrade in extreme weather


Our porcelain tiles can tolerate sub-zero temperatures and this important quality makes it an ideal solution for patios, swimming pools, and hard landscaping for the British climate

Low Maintenance

Our low porosity tiles never need laborious sealant treatments and simply requires an annual jet wash with warm soapy water water. It also means that spills can be easily cleaned off and won't stain

Lifetime Value

The longevity of the product means they represent exceptional value over its lifecycle compared to natural stone and wood