Which Floor Tiles Are Best For Outdoor Use?

by Sally Littlestone on Feb 06, 2023

stiled outdoor indoor porcelain tile twyford range
Choosing the correct outdoor floor tiles will save you money, time and satisfaction. In the UK, tiles are exposed to extreme temperatures and varying weather throughout the year.   
stiled porcelain outdoor decorative tiles show garden with frost
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Outdoor Floor Tiles should be 2cm thick

Picking the wrong outdoor floor tiles may result in damage and surface spoiling of the tile. You want a tile that is hard wearing, safe underfoot and stays looking as good as the day you had them installed. That is why good quality 2cm thick outdoor porcelain tiles are a no-brainer when you have to choose.

Indoor Floor Tiles should be 0.9cm thick

The porcelain tiles in your kitchen, which are normally 0.9cm thick, can look as good in your outdoor setting.  You can even achieve that seamless finish by choosing the same tiles indoors as out.

Porcelain outdoor floor tiles don't absorb water

Porcelain tiles don't absorb water and therefore will not crack during those frosty mornings or in snow. This tile property also stops algae, moss, dirt and stains from penetrating your beautiful and detailed tiles. Only a quick jet wash with no nasty chemical treatments ensures they come up as good as new.
The design of each tile is printed by highly sophisticated printers with an impressive spectrum of pigments.  This enables the porcelain tile to mimic any natural products with all its interests such as fossils, knots, grains etc perfectly.  Each range has a number of different patterns  (10-12) and is called a canvas so that you don’t see pattern repeats and Stiled provides canvas images alongside the product for you to look at. 
Stiled porcelain outdoor tiles newton natural 2cm
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Porcelain outdoor floor tiles are anti-slip

Porcelain warms up in sunlight and keeps the heat for a long time, so paler shades are great for reflecting the sunlight in south-facing spots.  For peace of mind, all of Stiled tiles have anR11 anti-slip rating, which means that you can enjoy your outdoor floor tiles even when wet and makes putting the rubbish away not a scary experience!  It also means that they are perfect to surround any water features or pools and good for children playing or adults who are unsteady of their feet enjoying the outdoor space.

Porcelain can also be used on outside walls

You can be as creative outdoors as you have been in your home. Porcelain is also a great product to use on outside walls.

Coloured porcelain tiles can be a stunning addition

Tumbled edges add character and shots of colour or pattern can add interest.  Creating a wall niche with coloured tiles or a table with coloured porcelain tiles can be a stunning touch.  
stiled decorative porcelain tiles outdoor tiles
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Porcelain wood effect outdoor floor tiles 

Porcelain is such a versatile product that you can have beautiful wooden plank effects with no worries about nasty splinters and rot and yet you have all the details of the grain and knots in soft muted tones such as our Harbury Range

Porcelain marble effect outdoor floor tiles

You can even have marble which was a 'no' 'no' in the past due to its high maintenance and porosity

Porcelain terracotta effect outdoor floor tiles

Products such as soft terracotta can all be achieved with porcelain and won't degrade.
stiled outdoor floor tiles porcelain - cavendish cotto cobblestone terracotta effect tile
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Porcelain coloured, sculpture and shaped tiles

Attractive hand-made effect coloured tiles and interesting sculptured and shaped tiles that you can use in the kitchen can now be used outside in the form of porcelain, which makes the design possibilities exciting and fresh.
Stiled outdoor porcelain tiles decorative range
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Quite simply, it's all about porcelain for your outdoor floor tiles .............   
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